"Very professional, I so much appreciated having the fee quoted to me upfront for the work I needed done. I would recommend this firm highly."

Lee Ann Day - Client 

"Our firm closed an asset acquisition that included a secured promissory note held by the Seller. When the Buyer stopped paying on the note, I looped in Lyndsey and she quickly and effectively resolved the matter for our client. As a firm that does not litigate, Lyndsey is an incredibly strong ally to have, a great attorney and a pleasure to work with."

Nicholas Troxel, Troxel Fitch Law

Nicholas Troxel, Troxel Fitch Law

Lori Ginn - Client

"I have been working with the Beavers O'Connell Group since September 2019, and recently she has resolved my property dispute for me with professionalism, finesse and diplomacy! (Less than 1 month)! She was able to use her "southern charm" to our advantage, and resolve my issue with expediency! She followed up with me as needed, and NEVER left me hanging. I am so happy that I did not wait to try to resolve this on my own, and that I spent the couple of bucks for her expertise. She knows her business inside and out and she was able to guide me and help me when and as I needed! Thanks to her, she has saved me thousands and thousands of dollars, and my gratitude is sincere! Should I need a property attorney/attorney in my future she is the viper (and I mean that as a true compliment) I will call her again!
Thanks Lyndsey! Your one terrific lawyer!"

Delores Rogers - Client

"Amazing attorneys — Lyndsey and Caroline did an amazing job for us! They know their stuff, and lead us through the legal maze skillfully and swiftly. They will definitely be the first people we call for future legal needs!"

Paul Smith - Client

"Friendly and knowledgeable advice and representation. Will go above and beyond to deliver service and trusted counsel to clients. A true pleasure to work with."

John Nelson - Client

"Not only to have someone provide solid legal advice, prove it, have tenacity to go up against the opposing party whose throwing out bluffs...I was so relieved to have Lyndsey in my corner and advocating for me. She really worked hard to back up every dotted ‘i’ and crossed ‘t’ and look out for me as a client when the insults directed our way and emotions ran high from the other side guiding us to a win! Thank you....very very much!"

Sarah Shropshire - Client

"Lyndsey is an amazing attorney! She is so down to earth and easy to work with, she listened to every detail I gave her. She handled our case with ease - thank you so much Lyndsey!"


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